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Airliners and Civil Aviation.

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Many Ex-Brats Moved Successfully into Civil Aviation.

Civil Aviation.

Sketch of a Vickers Vanguard airliner.

[Vickers Vanguard airliner (1960): Sketch by Joe Bosher.]

Contents of the Airliner Section (so far).

  1. Boeing 737 Peter Chappelle's your expert. With some great input from the official Boeing 737 Website.
  2. Air Humour 1 Four funny stories you've probably heard before? Please send me your own stories.

Ex Halton Apprentices were so well thought of within the aviation industry that on leaving the RAF many found really good jobs with civilian aircraft companies and airlines throughout the world. Snapped up by the airlines these RAF Halton trained specialists soon became an essential part of the expanding civil aircraft and airline industry. Many were used to train civilian crews and engineers. Others rose to the highest positions in management of these companies or started their own airline or flying schools and other aircraft related businesses.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has any stories about ex brats in the civil aitcraft industry; humorous, technical or historical. Please use the Feedback Form to contact me briefly, in the first instance.

Joe Bosher (74th).


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