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Badge with two griffins holding a shield.Constitution Document

The Coronation Entry - April 1953 to April 1956.

The 74th Entry Association Constitution

1. Inauguration

  1. The inauguration of the Association shall be deemed to be April 1993, when a reunion was held to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the attestation of the members of the 74th Entry of Aircraft Apprentices at Royal Air Force Halton.

2. Title

  1. The name of the association shall be "The 74th Entry Association". This name shall appear on all documents issued by or on behalf of the association.
  2. The use of the word "Association" in this constitution shall indicate the full title of "The 74th Entry Association".

3. Membership

  1. Membership of the Association shall be open only to those persons who trained with the 74th Entry of Aircraft Apprentices at No 1 School of Technical Training, Royal Air Force Halton, between April 1953 and March 1956.
  2. Honorary membership of the Association shall be automatically extended to those ex-apprentices of the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Royal Ceylon Air Force (now the Air Force of Sri Lanka), and any person now resident overseas, who trained with the 74th Entry, and awarded to such persons who offer the Association a service of note.

4. Object

  1. The object of the Association shall be to promote, foster and encourage comradeship between those persons who trained with the 74th Entry, through frequent correspondence and occasional reunion gatherings.
  2. The Association shall, where possible, assist in the relief of hardship amongst the membership.

5. Management

  1. A Coordinator shall manage the affairs of the Association, organise meetings and gatherings from time to time, and manage the Associations funds.

6. Finance

  1. A one-off membership fee of £5.00 to cover the expenses of the Coordinator in respect of postage, telephone calls, stationary, etc is payable on joining the Association.
  2. An additional fee of £5.00 may be levied, from time to time, by the Coordinator should there be insufficient funds available to meet such expenditure as stated at paragraph 6.1 above.
  3. Members who are resident overseas shall be exempt from these fees, as shall Honorary members.
  4. The Coordinator shall present a statement of income and expenditure at the request of members.
  5. A bank account in the name of A.D.Merry 74 Entry shall be set up and maintained to manage the collection and expenditure of funds in respect of reunions and other functions. This account is held at Natwest Bank, Aylesbury.
  6. Should the Association, at some time in the future be wound up, any funds remaining in this account shall be donated to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

7. Affiliations

  1. It is recommended that all members of the Association shall also be members of the Royal Air Force Halton Aircraft Apprentice Association (RAFHAAA).
  2. The assistance of the RAFHAAA shall be requested in the organisation of any event or gathering of members of the Association at RAF Halton.

(Amended:- 28 April 2020)


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