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Two Griffins holding a 74th shield. The Spirit of the 74th.

Mike Slim Hodson.

Photograph: Slim.

Slim's Life After Halton.

My CV from 1977.

I sent over 100 cv's and had lots of replies leading to 5 job offers. This was printed by the padre at Wattisham, my last tour of duty posting.

Photograph: Slim's 1977 CV .

Civilian life précis of Slim Hodson.

I left the RAF in May 1977. Rank C/T, trade aircraft technician. (Multi trade).

I started civilian life as factory supervisor in an engineering company, (deputy to the works manager) that was making Precision commercial sewing machines and vehicle washing Machines. A company flat, foc, until I moved house. Promotion soon followed and I took over the Tribonomics division (metal finishing - sub contract) of Osro Ltd, as manager. I had to report to the board monthly. The accountant was always behind with his figures so they took notice of mine!

Then I had some good fortune as I was given a company car, a Ford Mk 4, not new, but a car I had thought of buying for myself. This was one of my ambitions. No more Petrol to buy! The business was going well and I was happy until 1980 when I heard the company was going to be sold. I was not happy about this and left before the sale to start my own company, Omniwood Ltd with a customer of mine in Hertford.

He was an accountant by profession and was experienced in press work and electroplating. A good synergy. This business was started as metal finishing but without the press work. I Had the opportunity to purchase Skinners (EP) Ltd in Luton in 1982 from a PLC. Have expanded and developed by many acquisitions over the years. Servicing customers over a radius of 100 miles around Luton.

Dealt with most manufacturers that are house hold names as well as hundreds of engineering firms. Ford, Vauxhall, Smiths, B & D, British Aerospace to name a few.A very interesting and varied life which involved solving customers problems and working to tight timetables and small financial margins. A very competitive environment.

In the mid eighties I had a good contract with Rank Zerox 24/7 operation for 2 years. This was unusual as most companies did not give guarantees of work. From 1996 trading became more difficult with engineering parts sourced from China among other overseas suppliers. Was able to sell the freehold and start to close the operating companies from December 2004. Finally retired in October 2005.

Slim Hodson.

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