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Andy's Life and Times.

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Life after Halton.

Welcome to this special Website.

Photograph: Head and shoulders picture of Michael Anderton.

[photo: Michael (Andy) Anderton 588577. RAF Armourer 74th Entry RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentice.]

Welcome to this Website where I will tell you about my life and times both in the RAF and in civvy street. And my keen interest in jazz especially Modern Jazz. But I must first advertise my book RAF Plumber. My family persuaded me to write my RAF story and the book was recently published by Woodfield Publishing Ltd.

Life after Halton: my story.

My story is not too complicated, 30 years in the RAF, happily married for 45 years (so far), worked for Suffolk County Council for 17 years, retired in 2000 and now doing all manner of things to keep me busy. I live in a nice bungalow with garden in a small village in Constable Country.

Nights at the Turntable: Andy's jazz story.

I liked the whole range of jazz from trad, rag time, bee bop and through to big bands. However, my love has always been for the small groups with melody, a beat and improvisation. One of my favourites is the Gerry Mulligan Jazz Quartet.

Interested in Military History or Served in the Forces?

Then you must read my book RAF Plumber. Plumber of course is the term traditionally used in the armed services for those who maintain guns - with their tube like barrels - now applied to all aspects of the armament trade.

The book recalls my wartime childhood followed by his 30 years’ experience as a Royal Air Force armourer. My service career started at RAF Halton in 1953 as an Aircraft Apprentice and the book contains many accounts of my work at home and overseas in what could be at times a dangerous occupation. Join me in the thick of the Malayan emergency, undertaking the dangerous task of preparing bombs, rockets and ammunition for the aircraft of three nations, carrying out bomb disposal at Nicosia Airport and whilst at RAF Wattisham, playing an important role in the liberation of the Falkland Islands.

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Andy Anderton (74th).

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