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Two Griffins holding a 74th shield. The Spirit of the 74th.

Supplement: Christopher J Miles.

Personal Reflections and Family

I Have Really Found the Right One!

Photograph: Woman standing in front of a christmas tree.

At 15:00 hours NZST Saturday April 26th. 2003, I received an Email from an Auckland-based Philippines lady, she being a friend of the lady who is now the elder of my two sisters-in-law. That Email was entitled, "Introducing Vangie". I knew then that I had found the right one - nearly in tears. That evening, I dined at my club - the RNZRSA. A foul-mouthed woman said to me, "Chris., you look happy". My reply, "I have found the right one".
I sent a "checking" Email - correct address?

On the following Tuesday, the then Miss (very "Miss" I would add) Evangeline Carillo opened her Email INBOX, there to find two Emails from me, the checking one and another of biographical data - including ALL the warts - these came first - must be honest - morally and legally. Then she asked her Webmaster to take a photograph of her. "Yes Ma'am. To where will it go?" "New Zealand". "Ma'am, when shall you be leaving?" "ASAP". I have entitled the photograph, "From her exalted Place in the Malacanang Palace". Evangeline was, in effect, the eyes and ears of the President.

Vangie Takes a Walk.

Photograph: Woman walking down a rough road past some primitive buildings.

The Photograph was taken December 2006 in Lanise, Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao.
Lanise - a village.
Claveria - an area.
Misamis Oriental - a province - to the east of Misamis Occidental.
Mindanao - second largest island of The Philippines.
Evangeline has an height of 1,49 m.

I was referred to Evangeline through the good offices of a Philippines lady - she and I come from very similar social and intellectual backgrounds - living in Auckland who passed on my name to a certain lady who is now the elder of my two sisters-in-law.

It was on Saturday September 6th. 2003 that she arrived in New Zealand. As soon as we met at the Auckland Airport, we knew that a marriage would take place. In that month, time just stood still.

Evangeline had a top job in the machinery of the Philippines Government

Photograph: Woman sat at a computer.

Another photograph of my wife Vangie, this time, sitting at her computer. From her place in the Malacanang Palace.

She qualified as a Journalist from the well-recognised University of the Philippines (Diliman, Quezon City). Being the HIGH income earner - Evangeline had a top job in the machinery of the Philippines Government - she forsook any idea of marriage / motherhood in order to virtually pay for six of the nieces and nephews to read for their degrees. One each Doctor, Priest, Accountant, Journalist, and two Architects.

I have really found the right one for me!

Christopher Miles (74th Entry).

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