The Glorious 74th Entry RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentices (The Coronation Entry).

Peter Chappelle: Life after RAF Halton.

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Spent all my life at my Hobby - Aeroplanes!

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[Photograph by Slim: Peter at the 74th Entry RAF Aircraft Apprentice's Golden Graduation Reunion Parade at RAF Halton, March 2006.]

Peter Chappelle - My Story.

As for me I went to RAF Thorney Island in 1956 and worked on Varsity and Valetta, Meteor NF14 and Vampire NF10 along with HP Marathons. Posted to RAF Strubby on Canberras B1 and PR7 till 1961 then to Kenya on most types including Beverley, Comet, V bombers, Hunter and Britannia.
Home in 1963 to St Athan on Valiant Majors.

RAF Crew Chief.

Then in 1965 with Victor Mk (1) tankers as a crew chief, Down to St Mawgan in 1969 as Nimrod Crew Chief and in engineering control as Flight Sergeant.
Off to Germany in 1974 on No.16 Squadron Buccaneers returning in 1977. Back to Northolt.

Warrant Officer.

Got my Warrant and moved to RAF Abingdon as RAF Repair Liason Officer.
PVR (resigned) in 1980.

British Airways and Boeing 747.

Went to work for British Airways in their Flight Crew Training Centre teaching 747 to flight crew. Did long stint providing their first computer based training (CBT) on Flight Management Computers.

Providing My Own CBT to the Airlines.

Left in 1994 as Team Leader 737. (voluntary redundancy) after triple by-pass in 1991.
Produced my own computer based training (CBT) to the airlines from home for a couple of years after retiring.

Retirement but No Regrets.

Now fully retired (70 last wednesday) Spent all my life at my Hobby - Aeroplanes! Cheers,

Peter Chappelle. (74th).

26th June, 2006

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