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Two Griffins holding a 74th shield. The Spirit of the 74th.

Charles Peter "Tommy" Thomas.

RAF Halton Ex-brat Stories.

The Tommy Thomas Story.

Report by Tony.

Charles Peter "Tommy" Thomas 588545, 74th Entry

Tommy received his final posting on 3rd November 2011. He had many fond memories of life at Halton and would often refer to the discipline learned there when having to remonstrate with his son Christopher.

After Graduation his first posting was to Pembroke Dock where he worked on Sunderland flying boats. Tommy enjoyed this and would often reminisce about his early experiences. Next came 8 years at Wattisham servicing missiles and various marks of Lightning. There followed a year in Borneo, some time on Christmas Island, and it was back to a further few years at Wattisham.

A posting to Binbrook for more work on Lightnings, elevation to Chief Tech, and thence to Aldergrove and experience on many aircraft types including the Short Skyvan and Queenair. Tommy left the service at the age of 42 and joined the electricity board. A good job for an Engine Fitter!

Retirement finally came to Tommy in 2001 and he was able to persue his hobbies of golf and gardening, visiting his native Cornwall, and generally putting his feet up, reading the Haltonian, in which he had had a couple of articles published, and corresponding with old Entry comrades.

A couple of years ago he was able to bring Rosemary, his wife of 49 years, to visit Halton and to see the Trenchard Museum. It was a trip down memory lane for him, and an insight as to his moulding for Rosemary.

Tommy's funeral was held on November 14th at Grimsby Crematorium, the service having a Royal Air Force theme. A touching tribute was the playing of the Royal Air Force March Past. He leaves his widow Rosemary, two children, Christopher and Petra, two grandchildren and his sister Margaret.


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