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The Coronation Entry - April 1953 to April 1956.

74th Entry Graduation List.

Although incomplete the list can be seen here:

74th Entry Association. Known Active Members List.

The following list is not complete, may I ask members to inform us of their whereabouts so their names and Email addresses, if provided, can be added. If I've made any errors in the list or you wish to add an email address or other details please inform me. Email addresses have been written in such a way, with spaces between characters, that they cannot be harvested by SPAM idiots ie: ( j o e @ 7 4 t h. c o. u k ). So you can't just copy and paste them, because they won't work - you need to remove all spaces first.

The numbering is only for reference use on this page - and makes the list easier to read.

UK Active Members

  1. Terence Abbott 549 Eng.
  2. Dave Allsep 635 Eng:
    (s e d e m a @ t i n y w o r l d. c o. u k)
  3. Michael (Andy) Anderton 577 Armr:
    (a n d e r t o n @ b t i n t e r n e t. c o m)
  4. Peter Barnes 636 Armr
  5. Peter Baughn 525 Airf
  6. Thomas Bauld 544 Eng
  7. Laurie Bowes 673 Armr
  8. Ivor Bray 605 Eng
    (email: i. b r a y 1 @ n t l w o r l d. c o m)
  9. Keith Britton 626 Eng
    (email: j . b r o c k e t t @ r d p l u s . n e t )
  10. Joe Bosher 715 Eng
    (email: j o e @ 7 4 t h. c o. u k)
  11. Dennis Carlton 590 Armr
  12. Peter Chappelle 721 Eng:
    (p e t e r 588 @ l i v e. c o . u k)
  13. Tony Coles 637 Armr
  14. Tony Cutress Eng. (Hospitalised and passed out with 75th.)
  15. John (Digger) Davis 541 Inst
  16. Tony Dovner 552 Airf
  17. Dave Dyer 554 Inst
  18. Dennis (Tex) Grundy 553 Inst
  19. Bernie (Taff) Goodenough 786 Airf
    ( h.b.g o o d e n o u gh @ uw club. n e t)
  20. Allan Gale 650 Eng,
    allanga le@talk
  21. Henry (Hank) Goldsmith 625 Eng:
    (h e n r y g o l d s m i t h @ y a h o o. c o. u k)
  22. George Hinde 550 Airf
  23. Arthur J. Holt 610 Armr
  24. Mike (Slim) Hodson 540 Eng:
    (s l i m 3 @ t a l k t a l k. n e t)
  25. Derek Hughes 788 Elect
  26. Dave Humphrey 708 Eng
    (d a v e - c - h @ v i r g i n m e d i a . c o m)
  27. Tim Johnson 523 Airf
  28. Michael Lewis 710 Elec
  29. Walter Lilley 528 Armr
  30. Brian Mansfield 537 Airf
  31. Barry (Bas) McLening 570 Airf
  32. Tony Merry 562 Eng:
    (t o n y 74 merry @ n t l w o r l d. c o m)
  33. Richard (Shotgun) Mynors-Wallis 670 Armr
  34. Dave Neal 546 Armr
  35. Brian Nelson 681 Airf
  36. Ian Newson 573 Airf
  37. Albert (Taffy) Noel 779 Eng
  38. Stan Norris 543 Airf:
    (s t a n a n n 1 @ t i s c a l i. c o. u k)
  39. Jeff Paine 612 Elec:
    (ha lton 588 @ b t inter net . com)
  40. Ken Pearn 677 Inst
  41. Traff Pearn 686 Airf
  42. Peter Raby 703 Eng:
    (p e t e r r a b y 7 0 3 @ b t i n t e r n e t. c o m)
  43. Chris Roach 781 Eng:
    (c h r i s @ r o a c h 2 a h. w a n a d o o. c o.u k)
  44. Alan Smith 645 Airf
  45. Dave Telfer 581 Eng
  46. Peter Townsend (Rev) 531 Inst
  47. Len Whitehead 675 Airf
  48. Jim Young 705 Inst

Overseas Members

South Africa

  • John Cowley 619 Eng:
    ( j o h n r e x @ t e l k o m s a . n e t )


  • Ken Sheppard 235 Elec


  • John Brightwell 672 Airf
  • Carl Rossner 555 Elec
  • Al Read 576 Eng:
    (d a e r a l @ h o t m a i l . c o m)

New Zealand

  • Prof Brenkley 991 Airf
  • Bruce Bygate NZ75184 Eng
  • Christopher Miles 564 Airf:
    (v a n g i e @ x n e t. c o. n z)
  • Greg Quinn NZ75185 Eng

Sri Lanka

  • Roland Abeygoonawardena C10060 Airf
  • Alex Dharmasothy C10048 Eng


  • John Pressman 652 Eng

74th Who are not listed as members of the 74th Association (Any Info?)

  • R J Scovell 588621
  • Clive Barker
  • Taff Baiss
  • Tom Carstairs
  • E.A. Coleman
  • Ronald (Korky) Corfield:
    (r o n a l d. c o r f i e l d @ n t l w o r l d. c o m)
  • Nick Dingwall
  • Billy Ford
  • Brian Gosling
  • Terry Gimblett
  • Clive Hall
  • Arthur Harris
  • Billy Hole
  • Alan Huggett
  • Lenny Lenaghan
  • Mike Lorrison
  • Roger Martin
  • D.N (Mac) McCulloch
  • Mac McSpadden
  • Billy Peiherick
  • Hamilton Peiris
  • Tony Pollock
  • Errol Shilton
  • Derek Twigg
  • Dave Thornton
  • Alan Wright

Stan Norris Sends the Following Info.

On page 5 of the 74th Graduation List dated 24/10/2009, you totalled 178 and asked what happened to the other 96?

Three names come to mind which I cannot see on the list probably because they didn't graduate or complete the three years.

A/A Busby - airframe trade I think, from Peckham, London but he opted out at the end of the first term.
A/A Tubby Sloane - armourer. He left about October/November 1955 as SAC and was posted to Wattisham. Once he got there he nicked my girl friend who lived in Ipswich!
A/A Brian Sugden - airframe. I don't remember him opting out or buying his ticket. He came from Margate where his family had a fish and chip shop.

Remembered Friends and Comrades.

There is also a list of remembered 74th Entry comrades..


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