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RAF Halton Apprentices 74th Entry 1953 to 1956

Two Griffins holding a 74th shield."Main Point"

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February 2021


What a washout year was 2020!

No spring outing. No autumn outing.

No Veterans at the Cenotaph.

No Remembrance service at St Georges.

The Trenchard Museum has been closed to volunteers and visitors since March.

Let us hope that 2021 is an improvement.

Believe it or not March 28th 2021 marks 65 years since graduation!


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Did everyone get their own hat back?




I have recently received some info from Tony Dovner, see below.


588552 Tony Dovner’s reminissences


Bull night, sometime in 1954


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1953 some Riggers outside workshops

Peiris, Dovner, Downward, Hurst, Goodenough, Fenton, Abbygunawardena, Hinde

?, Haig, Dingwall, Drake, Hill, Hughes.

Can anyone id the chap left hand end of front row?

And, where is AA Hughes’ collar and tie?


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Of course, Riggers had to learn something about aeroplanes so

 they were trained in New Workshops



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Tony displaying the Progress shield in New Workshops, 1955



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1955,Tony was captain of the No1SofTT football team for two

seasons and was awarded school colours at graduation.


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After leaving Halton, Tony went on to represent

Maintenance Command,

until, alas, his soccer career was curtailed by an injury.



I have recently had some correspondence with a fellow sooty, Slim Hodson, on the topic of Air Marshal Cliff Spink, who flew the Spitfire at the 2013 Triennial.

Cliff, an ex-brat, was at one time the co of No74 Sqn. Slim’s claim to fame is that he did the “Chocks Away” as the AM was preparing to leave Halton in the Spitfire!

Follow the link that Slim sent me.




Tony Merry (74th).


[Editor] Please send me any comments on this event or other news items or stories that may be of interest to members of the 74th Entry Association or any other visitors to the 74th Entry Website.

Tony Merry (74th).


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