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Two Griffins holding a 74th shield. The Spirit of the 74th.

RAF Stories.

Our Life and Times in the Service.

Sketch: Meteor Mk8 cockpit being examined by a fitter.

A Lad in the RAF.

I really did enjoy my time in the RAF. One of the best periods of my life. Or do we always only remember the good times?

This is a section of The Spirit of the 74th Website devoted to stories of life in the RAF after leaving Halton. Many ex-brats served half a lifetime or more in the RAF with distinction. Others, because of cutbacks by the MOD (Ministry of Defense), had their service careers cut short. Some, like myself, left early to follow other careers often associated with the aircraft industry. A few ex-Brats, famously, simply left early to make their fortunes or become vicars or High Court Judges (source: the Haltonian Magazine).

Please Select from These Life in the RAF Stories.

First Posting to RAF Sutton Bridge.
The date: the 23rd of November, 1956. Christmas was coming, the geese were getting fat. Someone spent a penny in an old man's hat. But one problem lay heavily on Parliament's conscience. Owing to the shortage of civilian contractors, they cannot supply sufficient christmas-type Duff for our forces overseas. Plus a Hungarian uprising.
Smashing up Lancaster Bombers.
I soon discovered that my task would be to work on the airfield at Sutton Bridge smashing up some Lancaster Bombers left over from the war.
Javelin Crash at castle Bolton.
It was in all the papers. You can still find bits of fuselage up there today. Don't rush!
Marshalling and The Auster Man.
"Don't touch a bloody thing it's costing me a fortune landing here."

If you have any stories of your own (or pictures) you would like to share with other ex-Brats or other visitors to the Website please contact me, in the first instance using the secure Feedback Form.

When You Were a Kid You Liked to Draw - Right?

So what happened? Why not try drawing some of your own pictures? Good therapy. Guaranteed! Most of my own sketches are made using a Derwent Sketching Pencil HB (hard and black) and with a blunt point (which seems a bit contradictory). Just stick up a suitable photograph on a vertical board and using a cheap sketchbook do a freehand sketch of what you see. Concentrate on the shapes (not dimensions) and draw quickly. This is what sketching is all about. I bet you'll like it. Hope you like my own sketches.

Joe Bosher (74th).


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